General Pricing
Pet Grooming Services

PetCab for grooming
$1.00 per mile
Furmintor  Reduces Shedding up to
90%in the Home. From $10-$30
Nail Filing Service
$30.00 FULL SET $20.00 1/2
No Extra Charge for Anal Glands expressed
Ears Cleaned/Plucked, Bandanas,Bows,
Cologne,Toe Nails Trimmed,Hair Cut of the
Owners choice, Express Time
Out.These areComplimentarywith Full Groom
Full  Groom Trims cost:

Small Dogs $45 and up
Medium Dogs $55 and up
Large Dogs $65 and up

Full Hand Scissors $55 and up

  You can help by not feeding your pet B-4 Grooming. If you have time take your Best
Friend for a nice walk so they don't have pent up energy, and don't need to potty.

It's important in Public but especially going into a facility with other animals, to have
your pet in your physical control. In arms in crate, or on leash.
Clipper Blades will not go through mats. Clipper blades go underneath the mats, so as
tight as the mats are to the skin is how short your pet's haircut will have to be. We
may charge a little extra. Irritation can occur when clipping that close to the mat
affected skin.

  Matted hair is a perfect breeding ground for moist fungal
infection and bacteria close to the overheated, (by wearing
mats)irritated skin and may cause a pre-disposing "Hot
Spot"condition when exposed.

   We Can Brush Mats and Thick Undercoat out gently and slowly at
the rate of 1 Dollar per Minute.
When Scheduling Groom appointment,
Please let us know if you need an express
(3 hrs) time out,if you would like the
PetCab or Add-On Services of Soft
Claws, Nail filing, or Furminating
Sanitary Trims are less than a Full Trim
Sani is "Face ,Feet and Fanny"
Bath Only Price is less than a Sani.
$10.00 small dogs $15 large
Toothbrushing $5.00
Just Toenails trimmed $5.00
We do not offer pet boarding, or
daycare.  We recommend
               ALL THINGS DOGS KC
Grooming a pet that is in pain is
dangerous. If your pet is in pain call
Doc Sandi at Whole Health before your
grooming appointment.

Whole Health Pet Center  
We Provide Humane Grooming and have Your Pets best Interest in mind.