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129 Cherry Hill Drive Belton, Mo.  
(913) 498-
1397) (call for an appointment)
OR Peculiar,Mo. (816) 984-5481 (call for an appointment)
Thanks to Best Friends Pet for the amazing work
they did with our pups. Anybody tired of giving
baths or looking for a great groomer should give
Belle and Annie a call...
Chooch says: Beg. ‎ - Jun 23, 2011
I'm not sure why I love this place so much. Maybe
it is because of Belle, and the way she loves my
dog so much. Maybe it is because my dog always
is so happy whenever he goes and so happy (and
not stressed) when I pick him up at the end of the
day. Anyway, my dog always looks acts and
smells great whenever I pick him up. Thank you
Kerry ‎ - Jul 15, 2011
I've taken my dogs to Belle since the first day I
brought them home. They go every week and
her. She loves them like they are her own. You
can't go wrong with Best Friends Pet!
Jennelle James Gregory ...WE LOVE BEST
John BlankThank you so very much for taking care of my Labrador
Tina her trim you gave her looks wonderful. She is happy, cool,
and pleasant to have inside the house. And active again without
over heating. Just like a new dog, back to her own self, like a
puppy. I highly recommend your services. Anything to make my
day better for my dog is greatly appreciated and worthy.
Great job grooming Ozzy yesterday! He was so
proud that he strutted with his head high and tail
upright all day long. It is good to see him so
happy. I'll schedule Layla very soon. She is also
shedding. Have a great day. Sherry Bushue
Karen Price
Wonderful Groomer...Bailey is always
so excited to go and looks fabulous
when I pick her up ~ thanks :)
Aine Wendler
Belle takes such loving care of
my dog; a true blessing.
Candee Knox Totally recommend Best
Friends Pet.All around good experience. He
is calm and happy and he looks great!
Dana Harker
June 18.Would like to say a great
big Thank You my BooBoo looks
amazing you girls are the
Kellie Lewis Cobern
for hooking my girls, Maxine and Dora, up
with a mani/pedi before we head to the lake
Kimberly Cahill-Horton Thanks for
having him over Belle he had a
blast, & big thanks to best friends
pets, he smells & looks beautiful!!!
Sue Powell Wheeler Belle - you did an AWESOME job fixing her up!!!
She has never looked so cute. I loved the "ear bling!" It looked like she
had earrings on!! When I first saw her at the bridge, I thought, "Wow,
what a cute Boston!" Then I realized it was my Katie! To everyone out
there - if you need a dog groomed - take it to Belle. She is the BEST! :)
Judy ‎ - May 22, 2011
Belle does a great job. I would not consider any one else
for Tiger. He has some issues with getting a bath and
Belle handles it well. He comes home clean.beautiful,
and happy. Judy Revare
Great haircuts! Once we finally got in the house last night they were so
happy and rolled around all over. They were so glad to be free of all that
Cindy Nance Ritchie Thanks Belle!
They look adorable !
Our baby's first visit to Pet Friends Pet! Great
experience. Thank you.
Karen Lawrence
you on Facebook. We
love the way you groom
Hey Hazel. Glad I found
appreciate the love and
care you show them.
Hey Hazel. Glad I found
Keep up the good
work. Good groomers
are hard to find.
Toni Bondeson My little girls! They are so
cute and clean too.
mother brought her
dog in the other day
and was really happy
with what you guys
hasnt looked that
great in a long while!
Thanks so much!
Hanna Samuelson
Brittany Harrell Kelso She looks so good! And we are
loving the new do, thanks
jennelle gregory
You all are wonderful!!!! Thank you so much for
taking good care of our husky TAYLOR!!!!
Tina Hedrick wrote a
recommendation for Best
Friends Pet.
Best Groomer ever! Very sweet
and does an excellent job!!
Thanks Hazel
I just love you guys!My puppies are always so happy to see  
Hazel I also appreciate how Hazel lets Callie hang out even
when she isn't getting a bath so she doesn't have to be without
Nikos all day at home.I will never go to another groomer my
dogs will be in the best possible hands with Hazel!!!! If I had
one wish,it would be that you had a day care area.I have to take
my dogs to Blue Valley Animal Hospital for that...You guys are
great!!!  Tracy Perentis
Good Times Liquor and Bait Thank You! Her haircut
was wonderful!! She thinks shes hot stuff!!
Alexandria Cox
I called! She looked so stinkin cute! I really appreciate
it! And you will be seeing us again!!!
Hazel, Thank you for taking my baby girl Maggie and
doing her nails. I know she is a handful. You are great.
She loves her Christmas gift.
Heather Newell You girls do a wonderful job. My kids look &
smell so purty!! Thanks again
Tammy Worthley Spainhour Just want to let you all know, I Love the great job you do on my babies and how sweet
and caring you both are! :) Thanks so much!
Sarah Gillespie Brockman
taking such wonderful care
of my four legged kids ♥

..Frosty and Kitzy look so good with their summer cuts you did over the
weekend. I am glad they found a new BEST FRIEND!!!We will
definately be back! Debbie Wray
Jeremy Smith
Thanks again for doing Leo on Sunday morning! He looked
amazing. It was by far the best anyone has ever done on him. I
also glad to hear her wasn't that much trouble! — in Raymore.
Kevin WrightI just want to say Thank you to Hazel and Belle for doing such a wonderful
job on both of my puppies. It was are first time and sure wont be the last. Thank you
Helen Harle
Moose loves his friends at
Best Friends. He always
looks and smells great
when he comes home
say enough about
her, she is so
wonderful to my little
Robyn OwenCan't
Kyle. Also, if you...
have a white dog
you need to let her
put designs on them
she is good
Stephanie Wheeler They
love bring able to visit you
guys! An added bonus is
that they don't shed
anymore and they smell
so good after their visit!
We love Best Friends
Denise Kirby I have a 10 year
oldmaltese, Snowberrie. She's been  
there a few times now. Since moving
to Peculiar. They are very good!
Annie Spangler
Sadie looks like such a pretty girl after her
haircut, thanks to the best groomer ever!!
Thank you for being good to her!! It's taken me 8
years to find someone like you that actually cares
about the animals!!
Sue Powell Wheeler
Katie likes you,too!! She
came home looking so
beautiful and smelling
so good. I think she was
modeling for us to show
us how pretty she looked.
Lynn Cartwright wrote a recommendation for Best
Friends Pet.
This is the only groomer I would trust our "Poopsie" to.
Guy Hasselbring
Thank you for giving Mocha the best
grooming experience she has ever had. We
love her cocker spaniel cut and cute little
bows and kerchief. we will see you soon for
her next grooming session.
Michelle Pleimann

Cody is a bit temperamental and Belle is the
ONLY groomer he will let groom him. She is
very gentle and understanding of Cody's she makes him look cute!

Heather Traube

Meagan is the BEST groomer that has ever worked on
my 6 yr. old Australian Shepherd!!! I wouldn't change a
thing she did...Thank you Meagan, for making Buddy's
1st time with you so relaxed. It's s HUGE deal for me
knowing I can walk out the door and entrust my baby to
such a loving, sweet, patient person. Thank you for not
only understanding he's my family, but he's my Service
Dog as well, which requires a little extra help with time
limits and him being away from me, etc..,you're just an
all around wonderful individual and we look forward to
continuing our relationship with you!!! :)